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This page has an almost complete archive of all the work I've created. Including various different mediums, such as digital abstract, illustration, sculptures, and other creations. I like pushing myself to try all sorts of art styles to further my development as an artist, I also just enjoy fucking around.

In order to see all the works within a certain collection, click on the image.


All sculptural work that I've created thus far. Including a bunch of furniture, the OBJECT series, and miscellaneous works made for classes or projects at Parsons.



Minimalist landscapes based off photos I've taken. Made in the familiar blob-like style, myEARTH is all about capturing the beauty of our planet.



myRYD is a collection of abstract car compositions by Vincenzo Pagnotta. Created based off photos I've taken, the collection features a wide range of wheels, taillights, and much more. 



EROSION is a collection of experimental abstract art, where the goal was to push me outside my comfort zone. While most of my work utilizes fluid, curvy edges, EROSION is the complete opposite- featuring jagged shapes and sharp corners.



PRE is a series of pieces that were made naturally, outside of a set collection. These pieces were made in a variety of settings, and some pieces can be seen as the precursor to other CUBO collections.



DOTS is a series of abstract pieces featuring simple circles with varying interior details. The dots are created using the same color palette as the blobs, allowing the whole collection to feel like one coherent piece when viewed all at once.

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